Top-Down Survival/Crafting project

This top-down survival project took multiple months of development time. I learned a lot of new things in this project, about AI behavior, menu’s, lighting, weather, effects and more. The project is in-part made by following tutorials. Additionally, a lot of new functionalities or improvements were implemented after following the tutorials. The game contains a lot of features such as survival mechanics, crafting, a day-night cycle, weather, boss battles, a building system, adaptive resolution, mouse-based melee combat and more.

An animated image showcasing a heavy downpour.
An animated image showcasing an early and simplified version of a particle system.
An animated image showcasing a fire effect attached to the player’s weapon.
An animated image showcasing the crafting and placement of a lantern, some walls and a door. Crafting resources can be gathererd by destroying trees or resources such as stone/iron.
An animated image showcasing the player making some footprints in snowy terrain.
An animated image showcasing boss battle mechanics. The boss has multiple phases and is able to interact with objects in the terrain, such as lanterns. When the boss hits a lantern the speed of his weapon is adjusted which provides the player with a short window to hit the enemy.
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