Tile-based game

This project was developed in a period of roughly 2 months. It features several types of tiles such as towers, crowns, water and grass, 8 player maps, procedurally generated areas and aggressive ai.

The game was made using GameMaker Studio 2, and later ported to Studio 2.3. All-in-all it was a very fun project, where I was able to learn more about optimization, AI mechanics, turn-based timing, delta-timing, and much more.

The game also featured interesting mechanics such as “fog-of-war”, which reveals only limited areas. This made sure the player did not have control over the battlefield and requires him to play very aggressively to discover new areas, and stay in control of them.

An image showcasing the tile-based game, with fog of war disabled.
This animated image displays the capturing functionality in an early build of the game.
A later build of the game shows a randomly generated map with capturing mechanics and the fog of war effect.
This animated image displays a notification system. Upon capturing of terrain, a message is appended onto a message instance via a ds_list. These items are retrieved from the list in FIFO order. First In, First Out. As the list (that functions as a queue) gets fuller the notifications are displayed at a higher rate.