Space Combat Engine

This is an addon/extension for use in Game Maker Studio 2, this is not a standalone product!

Download it from GitHub or

Recently updated with the release of V1.2.0

5 factions default, improved documentation, a new weapon type, more ships, more explosions and more chaos. All within your hands to easily upgrade and expand! Several simple keyboard shortcuts have been added to improve the testing experience. There are also more variables added that allow you to configure  however you want your ships to function. Get the best out of Space Combat Engine now, with v1.2.0!

A versatile engine for creating arcade space shooter games. The project has been made so that it is very easy to extend. 

Features (v1.1.0):
-Multi-faction ship battles (default 4 factions included).
-Large scale battles (100+ ships, 1500+ fps according to debug mode).
-Framework for adding factions, ships, projectile types, projectile factions, etc.
-In-depth manual that walks you through the process of adding a faction with it’s own unique ship.
-Easy to read, commented code.
-Demo sprites
-Useful variables, such as a global game scale, faction enum, dmg, weapon type enum and more.
-Easy to use collection of scripts to develop behaviour and mechanics faster.

-demo project, a battle with 4 factions and over 100 ships with explosions, lasers and utter chaos

Commercial & Non-Commercial usage allowed (projects, games, etc.)
Redistributing the code (edited or otherwise) is not allowed. 

This product is not compatible with Game Maker Studio 1.4 and may encounter issues with 2.3!