Last Templar





Please click this link to see all about the game. 🙂

The Knights Templar is no more. Betrayed and hunted down only 1 remains. Pick up your arms, for it is time to strike back, bring justice to those who dare step in your way. Battle crusaders, Giants, monsters from the egyptian mythology, skeleton armies and much more! Release your inner fury in this hack & slash game. This game is currently in pre-alpha release 1.1.2 .
Next build:
-3 more levels
-1 new enemy
-Small optimilizations

To do list:
-Advanced melee combat
-Multiplayer (will be after release)
-Lots of maps
-Menu customizations
-Epic boss battles

If you have any ideas, tips, suggestions or comments, please email [email protected] and share them. 🙂